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The Illinois State USBC WBA has initiated a Substitute Message Board for the 2011 Championship Tournament. Team captains seeking a substitute and members wanting to bowl the state tournament are now able to connect via the message board. The site is monitored. Captains and members will need to login to post their requests. As requests are matched postings will be deleted. The message board will be a two year trial program that will be reviewed and modified to help tournament participants.

The message board is located at http://illinoisstateusbcwba.proboards.com.You may type the address on the address line or go to www.llinoisusbcwba.org and click on the link to get you started. Scroll down on the page to the login section. The first time you visit you must click on Create New Account. Follow the instructions on the page. The message board is set up so that only “approved” persons may post. You will need to wait for an email from the site administrator before you may post your request. Team captains will need to supply their entry number for verification.

Members wanting to sub will need to provide bowler id number for verification. Upon approval you may reenter the site and login using your user name and password. There are “Need a Substitute” and “Willing to Substitute” forums. Team captains should post on the “Need a Substitute” forum. Clearly state date, time and event that you need a sub to bowl for you. Members willing to sub need to post on the “Available to Substitute” forum. State days and times you are available.

All those who post should check both forums to attempt a match. Contact the individuals and try to make the match work. Postings may be edited by the administrator in an attempt to organize dates. Please delete your post once a match has been made. All stale dated postings will be removed. Follow the rules and guidelines provided on the message board site.

Substitutes are for emergency situations only. Family emergencies, employment emergencies, weather related emergencies, things that one can’t control. Other, non emergency situations may require substitutes but there is an option available to the team captain. She may request her entry to be rescheduled by the Tournament Director. A request to reschedule should be made as far in advance as possible. The request must be in writing. The Tournament Director will work with the team captain to reschedule for a date that would be acceptable. Team captains must realize that a reschedule is based on available space and times of the squads. If your team truly wants to bowl the tournament please be flexible to accepting the rescheduled times available.

Things to remember as well: If an original entrant is unable to bowl as scheduled, she may be permitted to substitute on another week-end. A substitute shall not be required to reimburse the entry fee nor give the original entrant any prize money or trophy won.


Special Announcements:

The ILLINOIS STATE USBC WBA will no longer obtain substitutes nor will the local association be responsible for providing substitutes.
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